How Miralys™ Can Work for You

Every research project is unique, and every lab has access to different equipment. AmberGen gives you the flexibility to implement Miralys MALDI-IHC imaging into your project in several ways: Contact us to learn how you can:

  • Implement Miralys in your core facility or lab. This option is ideal for labs and institutions that have access to a mass spectrometry imaging instrument and are familiar with immunohistochemistry.
  • Partner with an existing Miralys-enabled lab or core facility. This turnkey option is ideal for first-time Miralys users who need data fast, perhaps for a grant submission. Our Miralys-enabled mass spec imaging facilities throughout Europe and the U.S. are ready to perform this service for you. AmberGen can make recommendations for the best facility to meet your needs.

Getting Started with Miralys

AmberGen understands how challenging it can be to onboard new technology. That’s why we do everything we can to set you up for success, including reagent selection guidance, pre-staining and image review meetings, and a detailed Miralys workflow protocol.

Starter Kits

Our starter kit includes all the materials needed to implement the Miralys MALDI HiPLEX-IHC workflow in your lab, including validation slides and probe mix that allows you to conduct initial Miralys runs without using precious samples.

Kit contains:

  • A UV-Photocleavage light box that has been validated for use with our workflow.
  • A six-plex panel of probes; you have a choice between Neurology (mouse brain) or Immunology (human tonsil) kits.
  • Three FFPE tissue slides:
    • 1 slide is pre-stained with the six-plex Miralys probe mixture. This slide is provided for you to optimize your MALDI-MS imaging parameters.
    • 2 slides that are unstained. These are used for you to train on the slide immunohistochemical staining protocol. They are provided from the same tissue block.
  • All small laboratory items needed to run our protocol.

Your purchase of a Miralys Starter Kit comes with a high level of support, including:

  • A “Pre-Staining” videoconference with an AmberGen Applications Scientist who will perform a walk-through of the protocol and provide tips and tricks to ensure the best possible experience.
  • A “Post-Staining” videoconference / image review where you can share your results and an AmberGen applications scientist will offer feedback and make suggestions for fine-tuning the variables of your staining and imaging process for future runs.
  • Email or telephone guidance as necessary.


We encourage each new Miralys user to take advantage of our one-hour, complimentary training session via live video call. During this session, our scientists will review the Miralys protocol, offer practical advice, and answer any questions you have. After your initial Miralys run, we will have a follow up session to review your initial images and troubleshoot any issues.

For Miralys users who want additional training, we also offer full-day, on-site sessions through which we will assist you at every step of the protocol.