Novel Photocleavable Mass-Tags: The Heart of Miralys™ Imaging

probes infographic

Illustration of the molecular structure of a Miralys Antibody Probe (left) and a dual-labeled Antibody Probe including fluorophore (right)

Panels of Miralys Probes

We offer panels of Miralys probes in either TurboPlex™ pre-mixed format, or VersaPlex fully configurable multi-vial format. See our Panels Page.

Standard Miralys Probes

AmberGen maintains an inventory of standard probes that are validated and can ship immediately. See our MALDI HiPLEX-IHC Standard Probe list.

Dual-Label Miralys Probes

Our patented dual-label probes include both a photocleavable mass tag and a fluorophore that remains in place on the tissue after photocleavage. There are two dual-label probes on our standard probe list. Dual labeling is also an option for Custom Probes, see below.

Make Your Own Probes

The Miralys Antibody Conjugation Kit contains everything you need to create your own Miralys Probes.

Custom Probe Projects

We undertake projects to create custom probes to meet your research needs. Please contact us to request a proposal.

“The MALDI-IHC approach has been commercialized as the Miralys system by AmberGen, Inc. and is generating a lot of excitement in the MSI community.”

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