The Most Versatile High-Plex Panels for Targeted Spatial Proteomic Studies

Unlike other technologies, Miralys™ Panels enable BOTH ultra-high-plex AND fast imaging. This shortens the time between hypothesis and deep biological insight.

Miralys Panels are ready-to-use curated collections of Miralys antibody imaging probes, designed and validated to reduce upfront assay development and validation time. The use of curated panels will significantly speed up your spatial discoveries. They are available in two formats (see below). In either case, they bring all the advantages of Miralys, that is:

  • Maximum spatial multiomic data for a single tissue sample on one instrument platform
  • Inherently immune from autofluorescence and spectral overlap
  • Remarkably high plex and fast (up to 100+ biomarkers can be scanned in one hour for 1 cm2 of tissue)
Immuno-OncologyTissue MorphologyLung CancerBreast CancerNeurologicalCancer Core
CD11cβ-Catenin 1CD20CD163AKTCD20
CD3εCD34CD68CD45ROCathepsin DCD68
CD4Collagen IVCD8αCD68GFAPCD8α
CD44Collagen-1A1Chromogranin ACD8αGLUT1FoxP3
CD45ROFN1 (Fibronectin)CK7FoxP3Histone H2A.XPDGFRB
NCAM1 (CD56)Histone H2A.XFoxP3GATA3Iba-1PDPN
CD68Na/K ATPase-α1Histone H2A.XHER2LC3
CD8αPanCKKi67Histone H2A.XMBP
Collagen-1A1PDPNNapsin AKi67NeuN
Granzyme BPanCKPDGFRBpGSK-3b
Histone H3PD-1PDPNpTau (S404)

Customizable and Additive

Miralys panels are highly customizable. They can easily be combined into larger super-panels, or in some cases subdivided to use only selected probes.

Choose Your Format

Miralys panels are available in two formats: VersaPlex™ and TurboPlex.

Miralys VersaPlex panels are designed for Customization and Economy.

  • Flexible: VersaPlex panels are supplied with each antibody probe in an individual tube. Miralys probes can be removed from the panel and additional Miralys probes can be added.
  • Efficient: VersaPlex is perfect for large experiments of up to 25 slides or more. Each tube stains 50 cm2 of tissue per tube on average, subject to final staining concentration.
  • Tunable: The VersaPlex format provides the ability to custom-titrate concentration/signal intensity for each probe.
  • Additive: Miralys panels can be combined into larger super-panels.

Miralys TurboPlex panels are designed to Get Experiments Going Fast

  • Pre-mixed: TurboPlex panels are pre-mixed for convenience, with staining concentration optimized for the specified tissue type. The entire ultra-high-plex mixture is provided in a single tube.
  • Quick: The TurboPlex is perfect for initial experiments, such as proof of concept work. Each tube is designed to stain 2 cm2 of tissue, which is a typical tissue quantity for a single slide.
  • Flexibility: Since TurboPlex-format panels are premixed, probes cannot be removed, but additional probes can be spiked in.